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Today I've revisited one of the very first Scratchcard sites that we reviewed on the site.

There are very few truly independent scratch card software providers. In fact a lot of the big names license software and rebrand it under their own name.

Nothing wrong with that, but for the dedicated scratch card player it can be a let down when you come across a site that looks promising only to find you've already played all of the games somewhere else.

The advantages of using someone elses software are of course that it's relatively cheap to get to market and you are using already tried and tested proven technology so it's not such a big risk to invest in marketing it.

The drawback is that you lose any uniqueness with your games and so it makes it difficult to retain players long term on your gaming platform

That's not a problem here though as scratchmania is an independent operator and they've been going for a while now so any glitches have been ironed out and the service has had a chance to be put to the test!

There are a good variety of games here (36 and counting when I played) so you won't be disappointed with the game selection and everything loads up nice and quick as it should. It's browser flash based so no download required and it worked fine in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Choosing your first game to play is going to be your biggest problem here as there are so many good looking ones!

I decided to have a go at the "goal scorer"

Using my £7 bonus I got lucky and hit a £20 winning card!


Could this be the start of a lucky streak?

I try a couple of the other games. "Battle" is an interesting variation on a simple card game where you need the highest card to win and some of the slots games are very good as well.

But the "goal scorer" game was my favourite (isn't a game always a favourite when you win at it?) so I decided to play some more and picked up a couple more nice ticket wins including a £40.

I didn't manage to get a screenshot of that one but I did get a shot of another £10 win:


What's nice about this game is that you can play it with a friend over a coffee or small drink and have fun choosing which way you are going to kick the ball or guessing which way the keeper is going to dive.

That's what I like about online scratchcard games - because the payout rate is so high you always get lot's of opportunity to have fun with the games with a small amount of money.

In the goal scrorer scratch game you also have the added "fun" of watching the ball rebound back from the crossbar even though you sent the keeper the wrong way which can be really infuriating but addictive!

Once I'd got up to £100 it was time to cashout and as usual I'd forgotten to check the bonus wagering requirements!

On scratchmania you have to wager 20x the bonus and as you can't cash out until you make a deposit (all scratch card sites have this requirement) you also have to include the bonus that you get when you make your first deposit.

So in my case it was £7 bonus plus a further £11.50 bonus on my £10 deposit making a total bonus of £18.50 to be wagered x20 = £370.

So I set the software to autoplay and played out a further 160 games or so and ended up with a grand total of £101 to be cashed out. Not too shabby at all!

With a 95% chance of getting a winning card you can get lucky like I did and up with a good win.

There is a full transaction history in the cashier so you can follow exactly how much money you have deposited/withdrawn (always useful if you have too much red wine!) and the only minor quibble I had was that you couldn't see how many tickets you'd bought so far which would be useful for calculating the bonus requirements.

For a £1 ticket the jackpot is £10,000 and if you are feeling rich and want to play for the £100,000 jackpot you can buy tickets at £10 a time.

You will need to achieve VIP player status to be able to buy higher priced tickets and have a shot at the £200,000 jackpot, details for that are on the scratchmania website.

So to sum up, nice software, great games that you will enjoy having fun playing and the cashier pays out in 48 hours if you manage to get as lucky as I did on this site!

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