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Scratchcard Heaven Scratchcards Review

What do we have here then?

It's another neogames platform so we'll find all of our fave games here and more.

I still think that 888play is the best looking of these though but of course you don't need me to railroad you into the sites you play at! And anyway do you need an excuse to claim the free £5 they have on offer here? Of course not!


The sign up routine here is the usual so will you have no problem claiming your free £5 and it's quick and easy to do so you can get playing the games in no time at all.

For this scratch card site I thought I would do something different and review a couple of different games for a change instead of taking penalties or playing jacks or better! You must be bored of me doing that routine by now!

So let's take a look at what else they have got.


Let's take a look at the "crowns" slots game and see if we can figure out how it works.


First of all there are 5 lines that this game can potentially pay out on and the crown is wild so when you see crowns appear like in the above screen shot you can be pretty sure that you are going to be on a winner.

Just remember that if you bet on all five lines in one spin then you are going to be spending five times your stake in one spin so make sure you set the bet counter at the level that you want to play at.

You can bet a minimum of 0.10p on this game so if you deposit the minimum which is £10 you are sure to have plenty of play on this game.

Whilst I am looking here is the deposit information for scratchcardheaven which I'm guessing must be pretty standard across all of the neogames network:

  I thought I'd give you a screenshot of the same game at 888play so you can see the difference between them: scratchcardheaven3

So you can see there is no difference!

The only reason for choosing one neogames site over another is the quality of support and the bonus offers.

Of course you only know what the bonus offers are once you sign up for the free games and then you start to get emailed the offers.

It just depends on the operator as to what they are prepared to offer. In the above screen shot you can see I hit a winning combination spin but I honestly couldn't figure out how the combinations work or how the paytable works. I suppose the question is do we really care!?

Video slots cards are becoming more and more popular with scratch cards players and this one has nice smooth graphics and is a delight to play.

I tried out the support chat and it was instant so no worries there and they have all the usual deposit methods so everything works as it should. Play at this site and take advantage of their bonus offers and deposit matches.

Click here to play at scratchcard heaven.

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